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Chandra Kusuma School : International Scholarships 2015/2016

posted Feb 11, 2015, 8:12 PM by

Chandra Kusuma School awards Full International Scholarship for students sitting CIE IGCSE and A Level programs.

If eligible, scholarship will be given in the form of: 
100% of school fee for 24 months.

Books, uniforms and other school needs are not included.

Criteria of eligibility:
Program Requirement for Evaluation
IGCSE Checkpoint results: A minimum of 2 subjects at Grade 6. 1 subject at grade 3 or above.
External candidates: 2 subjects at grade A (90 and above) and 1 subject at grade B (80-89), taken from CK Scholarship exam.
A Level IGCSE results: A minimum of 4 subjects at Grade A or A* and 2 subjects at Grade C or above (one of which must be English).
Not available for external candidates without IGCSE or O Level results.
Additional Strong commitment and loyalty to school
Actively involved in school activities.
Extra point will be awarded to students who hold position of responsibility or leadership.
Note: Evidence of external activities must be provided to assist in evaluation process.
External candidates: Must show evidence of achievements and activities not provided by school report.

Conditions for Scholarships

Scholarships are reviewed regularly by the Education Committee on the criteria of:
1. Sustained performance in all subjects with A grade average. (90 and above).
2. Sustained language performance: verbal and written
3. Commitment and loyalty to school
4. Actively involved in school activities. Extra points will be given to student who hold position of responsibility in school organisations or clubs.
5. Upheld all school rules and regulations without exception.
6. Availability to enter external competitions.

In all scholarships, formal evaluation will be carried out twice a year and scholarships can be revoked if students are not achieving the required standards as specified in conditions of the scholarship.

Students will be monitored regularly and warned if standard is not up to the requirement. 
Students will receive 3 warnings: 1 verbal and 2 written. Final written warning will also serve as notice of scholarship termination.