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posted Nov 20, 2016, 7:11 PM by Andreas Kamalnathan
PART 2 October 11th – October 14th 2016
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General Report

Everyone!All teachers and students arrived well on time at Kuala Namu and we began the check in process on schedule when suddenly Miss Monalisa realised she had forgotten her passport, so we had to delay check in by one hour while her sister brought the passport to the airport. Fortunately, I had allowed for mishaps and we were still able to check in 90 minutes before the flight was due to take off. VERY unfortunately, just as we started checking in, it was announced that our flight was to be delayed by 3 hours – this meant by the time we had checked in we had at least 4 hours to wait until we could board the plane – Starbucks was very happy!

Hair Raising Science Experiments!To cut a long airport-story short, we arrived in KL 4 hours after we had expected and were met by Mr Klaas at around 11pm and then taken straight to our hotel - by the time we checked in it was around 1230am before we all got to our rooms. The delays did not dampen the spirits of the students who managed to stay awake until around 2am (well, that was when I completed my last round of checks and kids were all well settled).

Baking!The following day, we were due to be picked up and taken to Kinglsey at 8:00am, but due to the delays, we postponed the pick up until 9:30 and arrived at Kinglsey School at 9:45 (still 2 hours earlier than we would have done if we had flown on the 12th without any delays – traveling the day before was a very wise move). We were greeted by an amazing display of drums by Kinglsey School. It turned out they used our arrival as a warm up for the following week when the queen of Malaysia was visiting their school! We then proceeded to begin the activities that had been prepared: the annual football match that we won 2 - 0 (I was a supporter, not a coach – haahhaah); a game of Dodge-ball in which everyone participated; baking cookies and cakes, and some very entertaining Science experiments led by Mr Klaas. Overall it was an excellent morning of activities at Kingsley School, followed up by a tasty lunch before heading back to the hotel to freshen up for an hour.

Kicks 3 - part 2After freshening up, we were back on the bus at around 3:00pm and on our way Sunway Pyramids for the 'Treasure Hunt” activity. Students were put in to mixed groups and spent 90+ minutes running around the plaza in teams chasing clues that had been prepared by Mr. Klaas and his colleague Miss Lim. The students had to complete 5 tasks and then report back to a base where teachers would check their results and then give them another task sheet to complete. This was all done and dusted by 5:45pm and the students were then given until 7:30pm to do some souvenir shopping. Everyone was back on time to meet the bus with no delays at 7:45pm.

The Jungle Truck – transport at its best!
We reached the hotel at 8:30pm and allowed the students to go across the road to the condominiums where Mr Klaas lives and get some supplies for the next day – the day when we would be leaving KL to head to Adeline's Guest House and Villas for the main events. Everyone was back in the hotel by 930pm and in their bedrooms 10pm. It was a well-deserved peaceful night.

The following morning we checked out at 7:30am and were all on the bus by 8:00am. The 3+ hour drive to Gopeng was very tranquil – most of our students were catching up on lost sleep from our first night in KL. Once we arrived in Gopeng, we were met by the crew from Adelines's at the drop off point and proceeded to board the 'jungle trucks' to make our way up the hills to the villas. This is when the excitement started and kids really started to show expressions of joy – the kinds of expressions shown when experiencing something new. We arrived, settled in, and then had the first of four amazing meals at Adeline's that we would be enjoying over the next 24+ hours – the food really is exceptional there.

What a place to share a funny joke!

At 2:30pm we gathered together for the very thorough briefing and training programme that is provided by the white water rafting team and by 3:30pm we were ready to go rafting. The water was quite low this year, which offered us more time to enjoy the scenery as well as some interesting challenges for how to get through some of the rocky areas. We also had plenty of chances to stop and swim and 'almost' everyone took the opportunity to jump in the water from a large rock on the side of the river. We all came away with new 'rafting-lingo' and gained some important white water rafting skills. Everyone loved it!

We were back on the jungle trucks by 6:00pm and showered in time for the evening meal at 7:30pm. After eating we gathered once more to go for a very relaxing night walk under a magnificent moonlit sky. By 9:30pm we were all back at Adeline's and were treated to a one man fire-eating show. It was spectacular. I couldn't help thinking how grateful I was that I had had so much delicious BBQ'd lamb, while this guy was left eating fire – he seemed happy though. We were all asleep by midnight.

The following day we had breakfast at 7:30am and then went on a 30 minute drive on the 'jungle trucks' (by now these trucks had become a firm favourite of the students) to a spot to see a beautiful jungle waterfall. This was an ideal chance to take some photos and you can be sure the opportunity was not wasted. We hung around for around an hour before heading back to Adeline's to pack our bags and check

 out. We all enjoyed our last lunch at Adeline's and at 12:45pm, said our good byes and boarded the jungle trucks for one last time as we headed to the pick up point to meet our coach driver..

The Boys - well, some of them!
By 4:30pm we had completed the 3+ hour journey back to KL and were at Kingsley School saying a big thank you and good bye to our hosts. We arrived at the airport at 5:00pm and checked in with no delays. By 6:00pm we had all got through immigration and had 90 minutes until we had to board the plane, so we split up as a large group and decided to rendezvous again at the boarding gate at 7:30pm. I was there at 7:00pm waiting. Nobody was late!

The plane left 20 minutes behind schedule – we arrived in Medan and went straight through immigration with no hassle. As we came out of the arrival area, we were greeted by a large number of parents who had come to collect their kids. After one final count to 27, I said good bye to those who were traveling with parents and everyone who had opted to travel back on the bus came with Miss Mona, Miss Mawar and myself back to CK. As we arrived, all parents of the remaining students were either waiting for their children or arrived within minutes of our arrival. We were all on our respective ways home by 9:45pm.

I reached home and then retold many hilarious stories of the past four days to my family!

Final Comments

The only hiccup on this trip was something that was totally out of our control – the 3 hour delay. However, even that turned out to be a valuable experience. I truly believe that bonds have been made. I alone feel so much closer to everyone who attended and I can only imagine how it must be for the students. These students, by the way, behaved impeccably - I take my hat off to every single one of them. I especially take my hat off to their parents for allowing them to experience a bit of life without them in a foreign country – a huge life skill was learned for sure!

Yes, we have just returned, and yes, I have a lot of things to keep myself busy, but I would be lying to you if I said that I am not looking forward to KICKS 4 and that Klaas and I hadn't started making plans / little tweaks to the programme. These new plans are sure to make it even more interesting and memorable for the next group of students who are able to join KICKS 4, 2017!!!