Chandra  Kusuma  School


Chandra Kusuma School grants two types of scholarships for the National Curriculum Program, and one type of International Scholarship. Please click the title of each scholarship for more details.

  1. National Partial Scholarship is worth between 10% to 50% of fees and is given based on the strength of a student in a particular subject and It is reviewed on an annual basis.
  2. National Full Scholarship - for CK students only. A student will be selected from each level starting from Primary 3 each academic year to continue his or her education in the school.
  3. International Scholarship - Chandra Kusuma School awards Full International Scholarship for students sitting CIE IGCSE and A Level programs.
  4. External Partial Scholarship - Chandra Kusuma School grants Partial Scholarships for the National Curriculum Programme to members of the public.